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Beerenburgerkruiden 70 g - Jacob Hooy

Beerenburgerkruiden 70 g - Jacob Hooy
Beerenburgerkruiden 70 g - Jacob Hooy
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Beerenburgerkruiden Is a herbal mixture according to a recipe from Jacob Hooy. 


Used as an ingredient for herbal liqueurs.

Put the herbs in a bottle with a capacity of 2-liter. Add 1.5-liter brandewijn or jenever (preferably 38% alcohol). Brandewijn gives a better taste.

Infuse this mixture for 2 to 3 weeks (macerate). Shake gently once a day. Pulling longer does not make sense and only ensures an unpleasant taste and the extraction of too much tannin from the herbs. 

The whole does not have to be heated. Then filter trough for example a cotton rag. Pour gently so that the herbs remain in the bottle. Then the Beerenburger herbal liqueur is ready.

Recommended storage:

Keep in a dry, cool and dark place and out of the reach of children.


Jacob Hooy & Co BV
Postbus 70
1906 ZH Limmen

Blessed Thistly
Common Ash Leaf
Gentian Root
Laurel Leaf
Oak Bark
Orange Peel Bitter
Sweet Carrot Root
Willow Leaf
Wormwood Herb

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