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15 09 Granola with cinnamon and cardamom
Sam 0 162
You need this:500 g oat flakes50 g sesame seeds50 g sunflower seeds1 tsp vanilla powder3 tbs cinnamon1,5 tbs cardemom5 tbsp honey4 tbsp coconut oil100 g walnuts100 g almonds100 g hazelnuts50 g cranberriesBaking trayBaking paperOvenLarge glass jarThis..
11 09 Fresh tomato soup
Sam 0 218
You need this:1 onion1 clove of garlic2 tbsp olive oil for frying1.5 kilos of tomatoes1.5 tbsp tomato paste1.5 tsp dried thyme7 dl vegetable or herb broth2.5 tbsp soup herbs150 g minced beef1 tsp minced meat spicesPanBlenderThis is how you make it:Ch..
02 09 Pear cake with gingerbread spices
Sam 0 370
You need this:250 g almond flour200 ml almond milk110 g dates2 pears3 eggs2 tsp tartar baking powder1 tbsp gingerbread spices75 g coconut oilpinch of saltBaking paperCake tinBlenderBowlThis is how you make it:Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.Put the d..
28 08 Tzatziki
Sam 0 373
You need this:250 ml Greek yogurt1.4 cucumber1 clove of garlic1 tbsp olive oil1,5 tsp tzatziki herbssaltpepperGrateColanderbowlThis is how you make it:Wash the cucumber and dry it. Place the colander in the bowl (make sure if it fits) and grate the c..
19 08 Lavender cookies
Sam 0 645
You need this:Voor 8 cookies.125 g almond flour30 butter3 medjool dates1/2 tsp vanilla powder1 tsp tartar baking powder1 tsp lavenderBaking trayBaking paperThis is how you make it:Pre-heated the oven to 170 degrees.Pit the dates and finely chop them ..
13 08 Ashwaganda mocktail
Sam 0 735
You need this:for 2 personen.300 ml coconut milk250 ml pineapple juice3 tsp ashwaganda powder1/2 tsp turmeric powder4 ice cubesFresh pineapple slice by the glas, for garnishBlenderThis is how you make it:Pour the coconut milk into a preserving jar an..
12 08 Chees sticks with poppy seeds
Sam 0 521
You need this:6 plates of butter puff pastry1 eggBoekweitmeel100 g grated cheese2 tbsp poppy seedsBaking paperOven baking trayThis is how you make it:Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. lIne a baking tray with baking paper.Let the puff pastry thaw and p..
07 08 Pulled chicken on a wrap
Sam 0 569
You will need this:For four peoplePulled chicken400 g chicken fillet2 boullion cube3 bay leaves6 tbsp soy saucePinch of himalayan salt4 tsp paprika powder2 el olive oil for fryingWrap100 g buckwheat flour2 eggs300 ml of almond milkPinch of himalayan ..
30 07 Classic herb butter
Sam 0 627
You will need this:250 g butter (unsalted)1 tbsp lemon juice3 tbsp butter herbs2 cloves garlicBlack pepper and sea salt.This is how you make it:Take the butter out of the fridge so that it is on a room temperature. Stir the butter in a bowl into a so..
29 07 Essential oils: summer blends
0 856
Sea breeze:The fresh and uplifting scent reminds you of a day at the beach.1 drop of peppermint oil2 drops of orange oil3 drops of lemongrass oilSultry summer evening:The sweet and warm scent of a summer day that is still in the air on a sultry summe..
24 07 Zucchini lasagne
Sam 0 684
You will need this:1 zucchini1 red paprika1 red onion1 clove garlic200 g mushrooms300 g minced beef350 g pasta di pomodoro tomato sauce1 egg1 tl sea salt1tl black pepper1tl laos1 tl curcuma1 tl basil1 tl oregano2 mozzarellaOlive oil for bakingOven di..
09 07 Baking soda: a natural cleaning agent
Sam 0 830
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30 06 Chocolate bananabread
Sam 0 986
This is what you need:3 bananas3 eggs30 g of raw cocoa50 g of dark chocolate150 g almond flour40 g coconut oil40 g coconut20 g hazelnutsPinch of cinnamon ceylon2 tsp of tatar baking powder1 tbsp vanilla powderCake tinFood processorThis is how you mak..
12 03 Rooibos-chai
Sam 0 2775
Verwarmende, opbeurende en heerlijk kruidige Indiase chai is erg populair in het Westen. In dit recept hebben wij de traditionele zwarte thee vervangen door rooibos. Dit geeft een lekkere cafeïnevrije drank boordevol antioxidanten en aroma’s. De thee..
02 03 Mexican tacos
Sam 0 2819
Als je zin hebt in makkelijke en lekkere comfort food, dan ga je voor taco’s! Het makkelijke aan taco’s is dat je ze kunt vullen met wat je maar wilt. Even de oven in en genieten maar.  De Mexicaanse mix van Jacob Hooy maakt deze taco’s met gehakt ex..
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