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How to order?

Puur & Kracht pursues the most user-friendliness for her customers. Nevertheless, it can happen that something isn’t quite clear or perhaps you have a question about your order or a product. Never hesitate to contact us, we are pleased to help you! Despite of the thousands of products we offer on our web shop, it is the easiest to find a product by using search; 

  • Type in the name of the product at the search bar;
  • Press enter;
  • Select your product;
  • Place the order.

See also: placing an order at the website of Puur & Kracht,

How do I adjust my details?

If you have already a registered Puur & Kracht account, log in and keep your details updated in your account.

If you haven’t a registered account yet, please sign up and take advantage of many benefits. The adjustments you provide online will immediately be processed. Simpel and easy. That is was Puur & Kracht represents.

Where is my order?

After your order placement we understand that you would like to receive your products as soon as possible. To find out the exact location of your parcel and the exact delivery moment of your parcel you can use: Parcel tracer.

How do I know if my order is processed correctly?

After your order placement you will receive an order confirmation by email. You can find your ordered products and (delivery) details in the email. 

If you have not received an order confirmation, it could be that your email address is not correctly filled in. Please contact us, we are pleased to help you.

Can the product be wrapped for a gift and delivered at a different address?

Yes, your order can be wrapped for a gift. Besides that, you can also add a personal message which will be printed on a small card. Also, it is possible to let the parcel deliver at a different address than the billing address.

What are the solutions if I want to order a product that is no longer available

When a product is not available for a long time or no longer available at all, we will offer you an alternative product which is available.