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Enjoy your ultimate summer feeling with the lovely products from our assortment. We sell pure and fresh summer fragrances. When it is warm and sunny, your skin needs some extra attention, therefore we already selected these products for you which provides the skin of a good hydration and care. 

Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 04810
This quick absorbing chamomile day creme of Jacob Hooy has a moisturizing effect. The mild effect of the chamomile nurses the dry and sensitive skin intensively. Due to the added vitamin C and E, the skin will be protected all day. The crème is also perfect as a basic layer under your make-up. ..
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 04920
The ingredients of the world's finest oils are least 98% of natural origin. Ingredients:Glycine sojaEthylhexyl stearateParfumZingiber officinalisAspalathus linearisPrunus amygdalus dulcisPersea gratissima oilMacadamia ternifolia seed oilTocopherolBenzyl benzoateCinnamalCinnamyl alcoholCoum..
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 05312
Aloe Vera Cream from Jacob Hooy is a protective cream.For dehydrated skin.Ingredients:Aloe barbadensis leaf juiceAquaEthylhexyl stearateGlycerinSodium polyacrylatePrunus armeniaca kernel oilPhenoxyethanolParfumRubus idaeus fruit extractEthylhexylglycerinSodium stearoyl glutamateSodium hyaluronateIns..
€ 9.99
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 05303
Aloe Vera Face Wash from Jacob Hooy is a soft sulphate-free gel that mildly cleanses the skin without drying it out. The skin will feel soft and refreshed after use. For dehydrated skin.Ingredients:AquaGlyceryl oleateAloe barbadensis leaf juiceCocamidopropyl betainePhenoxyethanolCocoglucosideHy..
€ 6.99
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 04045
An instantly soothing and cooling body gel based on 95% hydrating Aloe Vera. Supports skin healing through a high dose of allantoine, collageen, elastine en calandula. Ingredients:Aloë BarbadensisLeaf juiceGlycerinAlcohol Denat.TriethanolaminePolysorbate 20 AllantoinCarbomerPhenyl Ethyl al..
€ 14.99
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 05323
Aloe Vera Micellar Water from Jacob Hooy removes make-up, dirt and impurities in one step. Doesn't dry out the skin. Leaves you with clean and radiant skin.For dehydrated skin.Ingredients:AquaGlycerinAloe barbadensis leaf juicePolysorbate 20PhenoxyethanolParfumSodium cocoamphoacetateLauryl glucoside..
€ 5.99
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 35320
Annique Rooibos is a South African product with unique characteristics and a full characteristics taste. This product is mild and 100% natural. It contains no colors, odors or flavors and is free from preservatives. For Annique Rooibos is only used a 'super grade' quality.Instructions:Bring a k..
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 04818
Jacob’s Hooy anti-puffiness cream contains shea butter and beeswax which nurses the sensitive skin around the eyes.Ingredients:AquaCetearyl alcoholGlycerinCaprylic/capric triglyceride Coco-CaprylateGlyceryl stearateOlus oilAluminum strach octenylsuccinateBetaineButyrospermum Parkii ButterAescul..
€ 7.99
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 04930
Traditional soap with pure argan oil. full of vitamine E and antioxidants.Ingredients:Glycine soja oilElaeïs guineesis oilCocos nucifera oilAquaSodium hydroxideArgania spinoza oilInstructions:Apply and rinse with water after washing.Recommended storage:Keep out of the reach of children.Supplier:Jaco..
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 04806
Advocado mask from Jacob Hooy.Ingredients:AquaKaolinCetearyl alcoholPersea Gratissima OilPPG-15 Stearyl EtherButyrospermum Parkii ButterGlycerinBentoniteAllantoinCandelilla CeraPropylene GlycolXanthan GumHydrogenated Vegetable OilSodium Cetearyl SulfatePhenylpropanolMethylisothiazolinoneFree off:Col..
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 04805
Jacob’s Hooy Avocado night creme is an optimal nourishing creme which stimulates the natural regeneration (recovery) process. In the morning the skin is in balance due to the adding of avocado oil and shea butter, without giving the skin a greasy touch (feeling).Ingredients:AquaCaprylic/Capric Trigl..
€ 6.99
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 10030
Barbecue Spices Roast & Grill Powde from Jacob Hooy. Instructions:Suitable for seasoning barbecue meat. Add the spices according recipe or to taste.Recommended storage:Keep in a dry, cool and dark place and out of the reach of children.Supplier:Jacob Hooy & Co BVPostbus 701906 ZH Limmen..
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 04931
Traditional soap from Jacob Hooy with beeswax and honey. Protective and moisturizing.Ingredients:Glycine soja oilElaeïs guineesis oilAquaSodium hydroxideCera albaMel.Instructions:Apply and rinse with water after washing.Recommended storage:Keep out of the reach of children.Supplier:Jacob Hooy & ..
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 86241
Breakfast Herbs from Jacob Hooy.Instructions:Suitable for making herbal teaPer cup of tea add 1 teaspoon herbs and pour over with boiling water. Let the herbs infuse for 10 minutes and strain the herbs. Drink several cups a day. The tea van be sweetened with honey.Warning:This product is n..
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 35220
Jacob's Hooy Breakfast Mix.Ingredients:Fructus anisi vulgarisFolia fragariae hortensisHerba millefoliiFolia menthae piperitaeFolia sennaeFlores calendulae cum calicibusInstructions:1 teabag per cup. Leave the bag for 5 to 10 minutes in 200ml boiling water. May be sweetened. Drink 3 cups a ..
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Brand: Jacob Hooy SKU: 10061
Butter Spices from Jacob HooyAllergen information:Contains celery.Instructions: Take a packet of 75 butter and let it soften outside the fridge.  Add a clove of crushed garlic and finish with the butter spices and some salt & pepper.  Recommended storage:Keep in a dry, cool and dar..
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